Feel Good Club

IMHN interview Feel Good Club, the new wellbeing cafe opening up in Manchester:

IMHN: Hello! Who are you and how did you start this project?

We are two wives on a mission to make people feel good and help them become the best versions of themselves. Feel Good Club is just over a year old and we are basically an instagram page trying to help make it the norm to talk about feelings and mental health, we do this through events and our daily positive posts (that we come up with ourselves every single morning.) Aimie now does Feel Good Club full time after quitting her job back in September to focus on the brand and Kiera is Director of Happiness for Social Chain and does Feel Good Club on the side. Our main aim is to keep people connected, keep positive and make sure people are aware it’s ok not to be ok.

We have been together 10 years and the idea of feel good club started 6 years ago but last year we decided to take the plunge and go for it.

We also merchandise which to us like a team kit. We see our merch as a way of people connecting, if you see someone in feel good club you know they are supporting the concept of making it ok to talk about feelings and mental health.

We design, create and market our brand all ourselves and we don’t have qualifications in marketing, branding or anything we just have the passion.

Kiera actually developed an eating disorder during University, she had a bad experience with the doctors so decided to look into self care and your mindset to help herself.  She started being really passionate about mindset and how we can change it, after a few months it really helped her. She then decided she wanted to help others do the same so started an Instagram page called Feel good club, it was full of positive quotes (very cheesy back then) and she was making her own candles.

After a few years she then got a full time job and left it, then last year we decided to pick it back up as we were both so passionate about helping people and knew there was something special we could do with a Feel good club. Here we are now.

What can we expect from your recent venture, building a cafe in the centre of Manchester?

The end of summer we will opening our own coffee shop based around wellbeing and mental health, all our staff will be mental health trained, we will have  workshops on, talks and events based around mental health and self care. Some workshops won’t be based on self care for example drawing classes, comedy nights etc. We want to encourage people to try new things and find out what makes them feel good. We want to be the space that can help them figure that out.

It is based in Hilton House in the Northern quarter. We are super excited about this and can not wait for our concept to become a reality. We want the space to feel like home, we want people to come in and feel comfortable. We will have simple feel good food on the menu every day , our staff will be there to talk but also to serve you up some amazing coffees , we will also be selling alcohol as we believe it’s all about balance.

We will have talk Tuesdays, freelance Fridays and pop up food vendors coming in every other week.

We will also be selling our merch from the space and Juno will be potting around there everyday.

What products will you sell?

We will be selling teas, coffees, smoothies, loaded crumpets, vegan salad ,T-shirts, eco cups, hoodies and much more.

What aims do you have for your wellbeing cafe?

Our aim is to create a space where everyone feels welcome, you can be just YOU ! We’ve been to places in the past and felt like we didn’t fit in, we want to create an environment where everyone feels welcome.

There is space to try new things, laugh , talk or just enjoy a flat white in a naturally light space.

Finally, can you share one self-care tip with us that you use?

GET OUTSIDE !  The one thing we do every single day is get outside and move our bodies. It’s so important to get some fresh air, take time out in nature , away from technology and just feel grounded. It can be 10 minutes or 5 hours it doesn’t matter.

Published on July 30, 2020 at 10:34 am

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